Why should you get a water butt?

As we all could have guessed, our British summer has brought us both the highs of scorching hot days and the lows of the more customary wet ones.

This unpredictable nature of our weather means that we should always be prepared for the inevitable downpour to ruin the BBQ plans!

Whilst that might be enough to make people move abroad, some that will be thankful for the rain include your garden plants.

So, have you ever considered how a water butt could make a difference to caring for them (and you!)?

Well, first of all, if you have one helping you out it will give you enough usable water (that will be better for your garden than tap water) to last for months at the same time as saving on your water bill!

The likely image of a green barrel type water butt that you may have in your head whilst reading this isn't the only type available. The design of water butts has evolved from plastic barrel types to more decorative ones that blend into your garden.

With these designs come a wide range of shapes and sizes so you will be able to find one that fit your garden and your requirements.

Speaking of your requirements, if you're wondering exactly which water butt to go for it would make sense to always get the largest one that you can possibly get. Why? Because if you do spend time in your garden you will notice the savings and your plants will thank you too!

More information on specific water butts and other products including rainwater tanks and accessories can be found throughout our website.