About Us

Welcome to Water Butt Warehouse .co.uk

Home to the biggest range of water butts, water tanks, rain water harvesting systems and accessories available online in the UK. At Water Butt Warehouse our aim is simple; to offer the best value waterbutts available and to maintain our excellent reputation for a fast efficient service. In a way, we do adopt the ‘pile it high and sell it cheap’ approach by stocking a large range of excellent waterbutts and selling them as cheaply as we can, whilst staying in business! Our business model works on shifting volume and we use our excellent buying power to negotiate with our suppliers and our couriers. We also only operate online – we don’t have any retail outlets or collection points – by doing this we have been able to slim our costs as low as we can. These savings are passed on directly to you.

… and we don’t advertise either!

That’s right, we don’t pay for a single penny of advertising, either online or offline – instead relying solely on our natural success and word of mouth. This motivates us to keep our prices low and our quality of service high!